Month: April 2017

Introduction to Fiqh al-Lughat

By Aswad Anwar The following is a summary along with some added sources of a class I attended on introducing a method to investigate the meanings of words (Fiqh al-Lughat). The class can be summarized in one general rule, When attempting to understand a word, particularly within the Qurān, one must not pay attention to any … Read more

Creation, Eternity, and Modern Cosmology: A Critique of Dr. Hawking’s Views

Compiled by: Saiyid Hasan Ali Rizvi [] When we enter college or the workplace, or any place in the modern world, we are oftentimes pummeled with various difficult questions to our beliefs.  It can be tough sometimes to maintain our identity in the face of these attacks.  Without satisfactory answers and replies to these objections, … Read more