Month: September 2016

Tafsir of Surah al-Falaq by Shaykh Haider Hobbollah – Lecture 3

We were discussing whether Surah al-Falaq & al-Naas are part of the Qur’an, and we went over what is attributed to Abdullah bin Mas’ud. We also mentioned three opinions towards this attribution amongst scholars, namely those who accept this attribution without any justification, those who completely deny Ibn Mas’ud to have held such a view, … Read more

Tafsir of Surah al-Falaq by Shaykh Haider Hobbollah – Lecture 2

In the previous lesson we covered the name of this chapter, its merits, whether it is Makki or Madani chapter, and briefly looked at the circumstances of its revelation. Today’s discussion will be on whether al-Mu’awwidhataan (Surah al-Falaq & Naas) are part of the Qur’an or not. This issue has been discussed over the centuries … Read more

Ayatullah Jawadi on The Disjointed Letters (hurūf al-muqatt’āt)

This is a guest post that has been taken from the Light of the Furqan blog. ن و القلم و ما يسطرون Nun. By the Pen and what they write1 The following is an abridged translation of Āyatullah Jawadī Āmulī’s discussion concerning the hurūf al-muqatt’āt, the disjointed letters which are found at the beginning of some chapters … Read more