Month: April 2019

Ethical Observations on Hadith of Istishab

Istiṣḥāb is one of the most important practical principles of legal theory used in deriving law. For an introduction on the principle, read: Principle of Istishab and Its Types This brief post is a summary of some ethical observations made by Ayatullah Ali-Doost on the tradition used to derive the principle itself. “…He does not … Read more

Some Notes on the Status of Salman in Early Shi’ism (Pt. 2)

Originally posted on Shiitic Studies. Introduction Occasionally, historical figures transcend the limited planes of their earthly life to become symbols around whom communities polarize and legends grow. One such figure from early Islam is Salman the Persian. Those with an esoteric persuasion (deemed Ghulat or ‘extremists’ by their opponents) were prone to exaggerate his status, … Read more

Commentary on Surah al-Nas

This is a transcript of a commentary on Sūrah al-Nās given by Shaykh Haider Hobbollah over three lessons. Names, Merits and Reasons for Revelation Sūrah al-Nās is the last chapter of the Qurān and there have been five names mentioned for it: Al-Nās – this is what is written in the codices and is famous. … Read more

Brief Commentary on Surah al-Takathur

This is a transcript of a brief commentary on Sūrah al-Takāthur given by Shaykh Haider Hobbollah over two lessons. Names & Merits of the Chapter Sūrah al-Takāthur is the 102nd chapter of the Qurān and it has been referred to by five different names: Al-Takāthur Sūrah allatī dhukira fīhā al-takāthur – this is how Sharīf … Read more