Month: January 2021

Qiyas & The Mysterious Case of Ibn al-Junayd

These are transcripts written over the course of 5 lessons (lesson 118-122 – April 8th to April 14th 2019) from the advanced lessons on Usul al-Fiqh delivered by Shaykh Haider Hobbollah in Qom. As these are transcripts made in class, for those interested in the more detailed format of this discussion, please refer to the … Read more

Criticism – Basis, Legitimacy and Supportive Environment

By Shaykh Haydar Hobbollah – article here, video here. Introduction What I would like to briefly discuss is the culture of criticism within the Islamic and religious context. Criticism, in its reality, is a human experience and phenomenon; there is no aspect of life that is free from it.  It is because of this phenomenon … Read more

Reason and Sharia in Sayyid Sistani’s Thought

By Hamid Reza Tamaddon | Translated by Shayan Ayatullah Sistani is one of the few jurists who has attracted the attention of researchers due to some of the similarities that exist in his lessons and ideas with discussions on the philosophy of law, as well as his special consideration of general expediency (maṣlaḥa). This highlights … Read more

Dala’il al-Imama: A Fabricated Shi’i Text Attributed to Muhammad b. Jarar al-Tabari

Dalāʾil al-Imāma: A Fabricated Shīʿī Text Attributed to Muḥammad b. Jarīr al-Ṭabarī By Hassan Ansari Translator’s note: This article consists of two posts published on Hassan Ansari’s academic blog, the first of which outlines a summary of his research on the book Dalā’il al-Imāma while the second discusses the topic in greater detail. They will … Read more

Congregational Prayers and the Community in the Prophet’s (p) Sirah

Introduction In a paper published by the recently launched Ayaan Institute, titled Creating a New Civilisation of Islam written by Jahangir Mohammed, the author offers a 12-point plan with practical working principles required to work towards the formation of an Islamic civilization. The very first principle mentioned is the idea of uniting through connectivity. The … Read more

Is God Unjust for Placing People in Different Families & Environments?

(The main ideas of this writing are derived from a lecture given by Sayyid Munīr al-Khabbāz with additions and deletions. The last section was produced after critical remarks brought forth by TheMuslimTheist). Originally published on Mind in Momentum. Why does God place some people in believing families and communities and others in disbelieving ones? More … Read more