Month: August 2021

The First Creation

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم By Shaykh Zoheir Esmail Mystics have devoted much attention on God’s first creation as within the conception of the first creation lies the answer to the paradox of how sheer unity gives rise to a world of multiplicity. God is without limits and this is why His perfection cannot be fathomed. … Read more

Principle of al-Ilzam and the Practice of the Commoners (Sirah al-Uqala)

The last few weeks, Ustad Soroush Mahallati was briefly covering the qā‘idah al-ilzām (QI) and summarized the evidence for and against it in around thirty sessions. The lessons also covered the views of Sayyid Sīstānī who does not accept this principle and instead offers an alternative theory called al-maqāṣa al-naw‘īyyah and critical observations were also … Read more

Netflix’s Messiah: A Review

IN HIS NAME MESSIAH (THE IRANIAN CONNECTION) By Zahir Davdani There is no doubt that the Netflix series Messiah will be considered blasphemous amongst mainstream Christians and Muslims alike, given its outright bypassing of religious doctrine and laws, such as the divinity of Jesus in the Christian tradition and the absence of performance of the … Read more