Ayatullah Borujerdi & 9th of Rabi’ al-Awwal

Source: Memoirs of Ayatullah Montazeri, vol. 1, pg. 155. Ayatullah Montazeri (d. 2009) writes:

‘I remember when Ayatullah Amini (d. 1970) – author of al-Ghadir – visited Isfahan, we also went to greet him as he was speaking in the Seyed Mosque of Isfahan. During his lecture series, he spoke on the issue of the caliphate and some matters of Shi’i creed, but eventually his lectures in Isfahan got draped with an anti-Sunni sentiment. The 9th of Rabi’ was upcoming, as Aqa Amini had come to Isfahan in the last days of Safar, and 9th Rabi was well known as Eid-e ‘Umar in Isfahan.

Around those same days, I had moved to Qom and one day I was in the presence of Ayatullah Borujerdi when Aqa Haaj Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Abtahi had brought his father-in-law to introduce him to Ayatullah Borujerdi. At one point Aqa Borujerdi said:

“Aqa, what is going on in Isfahan? Israel is busy attacking & capturing the Suez Canal, the Muslims in Egypt are going through turmoil, and we should come and spark a war between the Shi’a and Sunnis? What is going on in Isfahan?”

In summary, Aqa Borujerdi was very angry at what had happened. He did not cite the name of Aqa Amini, but it was obvious that he was very upset at his talks on the pulpit and the atmosphere that was created by commemorating Eid-e ‘Umar in Isfahan.’

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