Music in Islamic Law, Culture & Society

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These sessions took place between May 6th 2023, to June 17th, 2023. In this short course, we explore the subject of singing, music and musical instruments in Islam. The lessons cover the history of how music as a discipline entered the Muslim world after the demise of the Prophet (p), and in particular focus on the discourse that occurred in the Abbasid era over singing and music as reflected in the Shi’i hadith tradition. A number of narrations condemning singing and music will be analyzed and opinions of Shi’i scholars as well as other contributors to the Islamic civilization will be summarized.


Alhamdulillah music session was informative and it must have clarified a lot of confusion generally people have in this regard


These classes were amazing and the checklist on how to differentiate between haram and halal music made it so easy!

History of Singing and Music in Muslim Communities | Lesson 1

0:00 Intro to module

5:25 Rulings of Sayyid Sistani & Sayyid Khamenei

14:30 Music in pre-Islamic Arabia & after Islam

23:23 Analysis of Ibn Khaldun

35:08 Analysis of Jawad Ali in al-Mufassal fi Tarikh al-Arab Qabl al-Islam

40:30 Analysis of Shahid Mutahhari

44:50 Opinions of early Muslims

54:35 Opinions of early non-Shi’a jurists

1:04:20 Summary of first lesson

Music & Singing in Light of the Intellect and Quran | Lesson 2

0:00 Intro

3:10 Music & singing in light of the intellect (‘aql)

21:42 Identifying problematic instances of lahw

33:25 Music & singing in light of the Qur’an

42:30 Conclusion on Qur’anic discussion on music & singing

51:00 Final points & discussion

Music & Singing in Light of the Hadith | Lesson 3

0:00 Recap & Introduction

7:25 Music & singing in light of the narrations

43:25 Narrations that give more context

52:25 Summary of conclusion on music & singing

55:55 Red lines on music & singing

57:11 Remarks by Sayyid Khamenei on role of Muslims in the field of music

1:05:30 Discussion

Views of Jurists & Case Studies | Lesson 4

0:00 Introduction

1:15 Revisiting the rulings of Sayyid Sistani & Sayyid Khamenei

23:37 Checklist criteria for determining impermissible music & singing

30:35 Case Study 1: Allah Made Everything

35:07 Case Study 2: Salam Farmandeh

44:10 Case Study 3: Lowkey – Heroes of Human History

48:15 Case Study 4: Club Music

54:12 Case Study 5: Atif Aslam – Tajdar e Haram | Coke Studio

57:23 Case Study 6: Julia Boutros – Ahibai

1:09:10 Case Study 7: Popular celebrity singers and Bollywood songs

1:15:20 Summary & Discussion