1. The Amali Genre | The Dictations

Join us on Iqra Online’s first video of The Dictations. In this episode, we discuss what were al-Amali works that were produced by Muslim scholars, particularly between the 3rd the 6th century hijri.

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Video Timestamps

0:00 Intro to this series
3:55 Analysis of Verse 28 of Surah Maryam by Sayyid Murtada (355 – 436 AH/965 – 1044 AD) in his al-Amali
12:55 What is an al-Amali?
16:00 Ibn al-Shajari (450–542 AH/1058–1148 AD) and his al-Amali
17:03 How I got interested in Arabic grammatical discussions
19:25 Other names for al-Amali
20:05 When did the genre of al-Amali begin?
22:05 How would an Imla’ session look like?
23:40 Ibn al-Samʿānī’s (426/489 AH/1113-1166 AD) Adāb al-Imlāʾ wa al-Istimlāʾ – a treatise on dictation as a method of transmitting texts and knowledge
28:18 Were only hadith scholars the authors of al-Amali?
31:03 What narrations are usually mentioned in al-Amali?
35:45 Aqa Buzurg Tehrani’s (d. 1970) discussion on the genre of al-Amali in his al-Dharīʿa
40:40 The al-Amali of the Prophet (p) dictated to Imam ‘Ali (a)
49:00 The al-Amali of Mirza Mohammad al-Akhbari (d. 1816)
51:45 Sayyid Murtada’s al-Amali

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