2. Engaging with the Prophetic Seerah | The Dictations

In this episode of The Dictations we discuss the importance of the Prophetic Seerah, the need to study the different dimensions of the Prophet (p), incorporating the Seerah in the Islamic Studies curriculum, and conducting thematic analysis on the Seerah.

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Video Timestamps

0:00 Intro
2:30 Quote of Shahid Baqir al-Sadr (d. 1980)
10:30 Why the Shi’a have not focused on the Seerah?
13:10 What sparked my interest in the Seerah?
17:55 An example of using the Seerah for community building
24:40 Quote from Imam ‘Ali (a) on the Prophet (p)
26:45 Who was the Prophet (p)?
35:10 Was the default personality of the Prophet (p) a legal one?
37:50 One response to those who say the default personality is a legal one
42:40 Seerah as part of the Islamic Studies curriculum
49:00 Examples of Thematic Analysis on the Seerah
52:05 A brief case study from the Seerah
1:00:05 Spiritual strength from the Seerah
1:11:00 A few books on the Seerah

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