Month: June 2021

Discussions on the Use of Ahadith in Tafasir | The Authority of Akhbar al-Ahad (Solitary Narrations)

DISCUSSIONS ON THE USE OF AHADITH IN TAFASIR The Hujjiyat (Authority) of Akhbar al-Ahad (Solitary Narrations) Preamble Although Qur’anic exegetical literature has not always been rampant amongst Twelver Shiʿis, the last century has experienced an explosion of commentaries and works in the field of Qur’anic tafsīr. As such, the field has developed considerably alongside usūl … Read more

Advanced Jurisprudential Discussions on Ghina – Singing

بسمه تعالى These are transcripts from 12 advanced jurisprudence lessons given on singing (al-ghinā’) by Ustad Soroush Mahallati. These lessons were given during the Norouz holidays of March 2021. A discussion on singing and musical instruments by Ayatullah Sayyid Khamenei was also published on Iqra Online in 2018 which can be read here [Part 1, … Read more