Month: June 2022

Bid‘ah & the Principle of Religious Wariness: A Study on Newer Perspectives and Applications of the Concept

By Shaykh Haider Hobbollah Translated by Muhammad Jaffer, Sayyid Burair Abbas, and Sayyid Ali Imran Edited by Sayyid Burair Abbas Introduction  Muslims are unanimous on the prohibition of innovation (bid‘ah)[1] in religion, which is defined as the creation of rituals, practices or concepts that are attached to the creed whereas in reality they bear no … Read more

The Crisis of Spiritual Decline: Analyzing its Reasons and Proposing Solutions

Translated by Muhammad Jaffer and edited by Sayyid Burair Abbas In the current materialistic age, one of the major causes of estrangement from organized religion lies in a perceived lack of spirituality and true connection to the Divine. On the one hand, critics claim that religious gatherings have become purely ceremonial, and that Muslims do … Read more

Tahrif or Not? A Shi’i Perspective on the Seven Ahruf Reports (Pt. II)

What Dialects? It is al-Ṭabarī (d. 310) who comes closest to deciphering the meaning of ‘the Qur’an was sent down per Seven Aḥruf’ when he interprets this prophetic statement as referring to seven different wordings being revealed for a common point in the Qur’an without changing the basic meaning. Al-Ṭabarī asserts that these alternative wordings … Read more

Advanced Jurisprudential Discussions on Musical Instruments | Lesson 7

f) The last contextual indicator we can cite is by employing another principle from legal theory on the narrations themselves. We have narrations that absolutely prohibit musical instruments, while another set of narration prohibits them based on lahw. Based on discussions in legal theory, this is a simple reconciliation where we can restrict the absolute … Read more

A Critical Analysis of Religious Discourse Today: Rescuing Our Youth

Translated by Muhammad Jaffer and edited by Sayyid Burair Abbas Religious adherents of Islām today struggle to maintain a strong sense of traditionalism while living amidst an ever-evolving modernity that may challenge their values. Unfortunately, religious discourse in the current era has arguably seen a decline in popularity, as evidenced by the new generation’s dwindling … Read more

An Abridged History Regarding the Shrines of the Imams at Jannat al-Baqi’

The following is a translation of an originally Persian article written by Dr. Aḥmad Khāmehyār regarding the history of Jannat al-Baqī’. The original article has been linked, published on the popular Persian blog site Kātebān.[1] Dr. Khāmeyār is a prominent historian specializing in the history of Islamic sanctuaries. The tombs at Jannat al-Baqī’, which subsume … Read more

Answering Objections: Zayd and Imamah

A reply was written by Muhammad Sharifi, a Zaydi brother, to my recent article on Zayd b. Ali (peace be upon them). I am happy to see intellectual exchange take place, but etiquette should always be observed. Offensive language against figures of the Imamī tradition, highly respected companions such as ‘The Believer of al-Ṭāq’ (al-Aḥwal), … Read more