Abdul-Qadir Jilani bin Salim’s Ode in Praise of Sayyidah Khadija

Below is an Arabic poem by the Sunni Shāfi’ī modern-day scholar and poet ‘Abdul-Qādir Jilānī bin Sālim bin ‘Alawī Khirad regarding Sayyidah Khadījah, which we have translated into rhymed English verse on the rhyme scheme ababcc in the form of six sestains. I dedicate this as a gift to our beloved mother Khadījah bint Khuwaylid—wife of our Holy Prophet Muḥammad peace be upon him and his family—on the commemoration of the anniversary of her passing away 10th Ramaḍān 619 CE. May God’s peace be upon her on the day she was born, the day she passed away, and the day she will be raised again:

علوت فلم تدرك مقاماتك الكبرى
فغيرك لا تدعي وان عظمت كبرى
وكم في نساء العالمين عظيمة
ولكنها ان قورنت بك فالصغري
تفرست في وجه النبي فراسة
عرفت بها ما كان من امره سرا

رأيت به نور النبوة ساطعا
فأسرعت نحو النور فزت به مهرا
بميسرة قد يسر الله كل ما
تريدينه فاليسر قادك لليسرى
ربحت رسول الله حين خطبته
فكنت له مأوى شددت له ازرا

واصبحت مهدا للرسالة حاضنا
تلقيتها من حين مانزلت اقرأ
كتبت حروفا من حياة محمد
فأصبحت في اعلا صحائفها سطرا
وقد شكر المولى صنيعك انه
الشكور وهذا الفعل يستوجب الشكرا

فأهداك مولاك السلام سلامة
واعطاك في الفردوس من قصب قصرا
مراتب لا يعلي عليها ورفعة
لكم خصصت فالله اعلاكم قدرا
ترعرع هذا الدين في بيتكم كأنه
التوأم الروحي لفاطمة الزهرا

وظل وفيا سيد الرسل ذاكرا
ودادك في الأصحاب حتى قضى العمرا
إذا ذكرت يوما خديجة عنده
تنهد مشتاقا واعجبه الإطرا
فحبك في قلب النبي ممكن
هنيئا فقد حزت السعادة والفخرا

وعائشة لما ادعت أفضلية
تغير وجه المصطفى الطهر واحمرا
حنانيك يا أماه إن دموعنا
تسيل من التفريط بللت النحرا
ومن يمسح الدمع الغزير إذا جرى
من الابن غير الأم فهي بذا أحرى


Esteemed you are, lofty stations not breached
For no matter how great, there is no other Kubrā!
Oh how many women to greatness have reached
But next to your stature, they all but fall Ṣughrā!
In the face of the Prophet, you garnered a clue
Through which of his secret status you knew!

In him you beheld the prophetic luster
And to its light hastened, winning its subsidy!
Yes God by Maysara for you did usher
Your every wish: felicity to facility!
Rasūlullah you earned in your proposal
Being his refuge with your support total!

His risālah was nursed but in your cradle
You embraced it since the call of “Recite!”
Muḥammad’s life with your signs you labeled
And of its pages you rose to the height!
Al-Shakūr Himself did thank your endeavor
Actions that Gratitude surely engender!

So may God The Peaceful bestow on you peace
And in The Firdaus gift you castles of pearl!
Heights not rivaled and ranks of increase
Reserved just for you—of degrees unfurled!
Yes your nursing of this creed did mirror
Your Fāṭimah Zahrā in spirit and splendor!

Devoted to you was the Prophet—oft-telling
To the Aṣḥāb your kindness—until his demise!
At Khadījah’s mention amidst his sitting
He’d rise up in tribute and eulogize!
Your love in the Prophet’s heart holds fast
Rejoice in prestige: triumphant and vast!

Oh when ‘Āi’shah claimed that she was better,
How al-Muṣṭafā’s face turned red in anger!
Your sympathy, mother: For our tears, bitter
Flow out of negligence for your stature!
But who wipes billows of tears when they flurry
Except the mother? Yes, she is most worthy!