Towards a Holistic Teaching Philosophy

ITE (II): Towards a Holistic Teaching Philosophy Building on ITE (I), this course will dive deeper into what it means to be a Muslim educator. A Muslim educator is someone who adopts holistic approaches to teaching and learning. We will explore the difference between holistic and reductionist approaches to teaching, and identify key ontological and epistemic … Read more

Becoming Muslim

Becoming Muslim: A Discourse on the Prophet’s (p) Delineation of Identity Markers of Religiosity This seminar discusses the different dimensions of our religion and how they differ from one another. What makes someone a Muslim, Mu’min, or a Shi’a? What do we mean when we consider someone “religious”? How do we maintain a balance between … Read more

Theology for Muslim Educators

These sessions took place between October 22nd, 2022 to February 25th, 2023. This course offers a brief overview of discussions about Islamic theology and identity that concern Muslim educators teaching in Islamic schools. Lessons will focus on merely introducing and outlining both theoretical principles related to Islamic epistemology and modes of reasoning, key theological concepts, … Read more

Music in Islamic Law, Culture & Society

These sessions took place between May 6th 2023, to June 17th, 2023. In this short course, we explore the subject of singing, music and musical instruments in Islam. The lessons cover the history of how music as a discipline entered the Muslim world after the demise of the Prophet (p), and in particular focus on … Read more