Tafsir (1): Surah al-‘Alaq (Verse 1-5) | Sayyid Ali Imran


0:00 Intro
1:15 Narration of Hammad b. ‘Isa
4:50 Preliminary Points before Exegesis
12:55 Recitation of Surah al-‘Alaq
14:05 Narration on the merits of reciting Surah al-‘Alaq
14:55 Rhyme patterns in the Surah
15:50 What is the Prophet (p) being asked to recite?
20:45 Khaliqiyyah (Creatorship) & Rububiyyah (Lordship)
28:00 Major blessings mentioned in the first 5 verses
29:40 Acknowledgements required from a Muslim
31:05 Generosity of Allah
33:45 Purpose of creation (servitude) cannot be fulfilled without knowledge
34:35 Theological Argument: Necessity of Thanking the Benefactor (Wujub Shukr al-Mun’im)
38:20 Our communal failure to educate ourselves about Islam
41:40 The importance of the Qalam – the Pen.
43:10 The Islamic Civilization and Writing
45:30 Four modes of existence
48:15 We are a community of clichés
51:35 Three stages of transmission of knowledge in human civilizations