Month: July 2022

Fraternity Contract on Eid al-Ghadir

One of the most sacred and revered days for Shi’as is ‘Eid al-Ghadīr wherein like other auspicious days, there are some ‘amāl to be performed to honor it, celebrate it and seek the blessings of Allah. Among the ‘amāl of the day of Ghadīr is the fraternity contract which is performed after praying a specific … Read more

Abortion: An Overview of Considerations in Ja’fari Fiqh

Abortion – prematurely and proactively ending a pregnancy – is an extremely sensitive issue in the religious sphere. Approaching it theoretically requires a very fine balance between empathy for special circumstances and preserving sacred principles. Within Muslim academic discourse, by being linked to life, abortion automatically demands the right to be handled with the utmost … Read more

Shaykh Ahmad al-Wa’ili’s Famous Qasidah for Imam ‘Ali (as)

Below we have translated into rhymed English verse the famous al-Qaṣīdah al-Nūniyyah of the illustrious Iraqi scholar and poet Shaykh Aḥmad al-Wā’ilī (d. 2003, may Allah have mercy on him) extolling the pristine faḍā’il of Imām ‘Alī (as). In congruence with his elegant and clear style, al-Wā’ilī simply entitled his composition “Ilā Abī Turāb” (To … Read more

Human Purity: Brief Overview

By Sayyid Burair Abbas Among the most crucial matters in Islam is the issue of purity of oneself and others. In the case of other people, their purity means a lot given that we interact with them, live, work and even partake in their food etc. The following is a brief summary of an opinion[1] … Read more

Al-Zahra: Between Universality and Compartmentalization of Her Tragedy

ya Fatima

Translated by Muhammad Jaffer and edited by Sayyid Burair Abbas In the context of the recent film released in the UK regarding Lady Fāṭimah (as) entitled “Lady of Heaven,”[1] we present the following article written by the contemporary scholar Shaykh Ḥusayn al-Khechin.[2] In his usual analytical style, al-Khechin discusses how the details about the tragedy … Read more