Sayyid Burair

The Age of Exploration That Could Have Been: An Expedition to Discover the Wall of Gog and Magog

By Rasul Jafariyan | Translated by Sayyid Burair Abbas Around the year 230 AH (845 CE), Wathiq Abbasid dispatched an exploratory group to discover the location of the barrier of Ya’juj and Ma’juj towards the Caucasus region. Simultaneously, under the supervision of Muhammad bin Musa al-Khwarizmi, another expedition was sent to Rome to locate the … Read more

A Concise Explanation of Intricate and Complex (sa’ab wa mustasa’ab) Narrations and Religious Secrecy (kitman)

Annotated by:- Muhammad Jaffer & Sayyid Burair Abbas Question: What is your interpretation for obscurity in some of the narrations of the Ahl al-Bayt, such as the narrations that talk about the secrets of the family of Muḥammad and the prohibition of disclosing them, or that their narrations are intricate and complex which shows the … Read more

The Banu Hashim’s Share in Khums

By Shaykh Haider Hobbollah Translated by Faisal H and Sayyid Burair Abbas What is well-known, rather which may even be a consensus among the Imami Shiites – in contrast to the majority of Muslim jurists, and Ibn al-Junayd al-Iskafi (d. 4th century Hijri) from the Imamiyyah – is that the share of orphans, the needy … Read more

The Hegemony of Knowledge and Academic Terrorism vs. Desire of the Aspirant In the Etiquettes of the Teacher and Student

Translation & Editing: Sayyid Burair Abbas Proofreading & Review: Dr. Muhammad Jaffer Introduction Some Western researchers have adopted an interesting academic perspective on the question of why Europe progressed during the Dark Ages while the Muslims, who were previously ahead of Europe by several centuries, precipitously declined. How did the Europeans come to carry the … Read more

Intermarriages between Ahl ul-Bayt (a) and Companions & Caliphs

Translated & Edited by:- Sayyid Burair Abbas Annotated by:- Dr. Muhammad Jaffer Q: How do the Muslims explain the widespread phenomenon of intermarriages between the Ahlulbayt (a) of the Holy Prophet and the Companions/Caliphs and their children throughout history? Can you present for us the currents of thought in this matter in your usual elegant … Read more

Martyrdom of Sayyidah Fatimah (s): An Ideological Belief?

Some scholars say that the story of Sulaymān and his death, which Allah  has eternalized in the Holy Qur’ān, does not have a doctrinal dimension, while the story of the martyrdom of Sayyidah al–Zahrāa has a doctrinal domain, which is the attainment of the infallible to the status of martyrdom. Similarly, it is believed that … Read more

Analyzing the Disparagement of Unorthodox Scholars (Part 2)

Translated by Sayyid Burair Abbas Edited and annotated by Muhammad Jaffer As a continuation of the previous discussion regarding the delegitimization of non-orthodox Shī’ah scholars, we have translated the following Q&A found in the writings of Shaykh Ḥaydar Ḥubbullāh. For the sake of clarity, we have added some explanatory footnotes of our own to highlight … Read more

The Foreknowledge of Imam Husayn (as) Regarding His Death: Was it Suicide?

Translated by Sayyid Burair Abbas & reviewed, annotated, and edited by Muhammad Jaffer One of the major questions that has come up since antiquity regarding the revolution of Imām Ḥusayn (as) pertains to the perceived conflict between the steps he took towards his death and his occult foreknowledge about his impending martyrdom. In the below … Read more

Fraternity Contract on Eid al-Ghadir

One of the most sacred and revered days for Shi’as is ‘Eid al-Ghadīr wherein like other auspicious days, there are some ‘amāl to be performed to honor it, celebrate it and seek the blessings of Allah. Among the ‘amāl of the day of Ghadīr is the fraternity contract which is performed after praying a specific … Read more

Human Purity: Brief Overview

By Sayyid Burair Abbas Among the most crucial matters in Islam is the issue of purity of oneself and others. In the case of other people, their purity means a lot given that we interact with them, live, work and even partake in their food etc. The following is a brief summary of an opinion[1] … Read more