Month: September 2022

Analyzing the Disparagement of Unorthodox Scholars (Part 2)

Translated by Sayyid Burair Abbas Edited and annotated by Muhammad Jaffer As a continuation of the previous discussion regarding the delegitimization of non-orthodox Shī’ah scholars, we have translated the following Q&A found in the writings of Shaykh Ḥaydar Ḥubbullāh. For the sake of clarity, we have added some explanatory footnotes of our own to highlight … Read more

The Phenomenon of Scholarly Epithets

Question: What is your opinion regarding scholarly epithets such as ‘Ayatullah’ or ‘Ayatullah al-ʿUẓma’? Originally written in Arabic by Shaykh Dr. Haider Hobbollah Translated by Salim Salhab The response: A study of the phenomenon of the scholarly epithets in the religious institution for Muslims can be conducted from a number of angles, the most apparent … Read more

Analyzing the Disparagement of Unorthodox Scholars (Part 1)

Translated by Muhammad Jaffer and edited by Sayyid Burair Abbas   Unfortunately, a trend that has been becoming increasingly prevalent within the English-speaking Shī’ah community has been the character assassination of unorthodox scholars. While establishing a healthy environment of critique is important, we ought to abstain from employing ad hominem and personal disparagement. Attempts to … Read more

A Detailed Analysis of Ayah al-Tabligh

Download Here Abstract By Muhammad Jaffer and Sayyid Burair Abbas Ayah al-Tablīgh has long been argued for the declaration of the Wilayah of Imam Ali (a) at Ghadīr. It is one of the most contentious verses between Shi’as and Sunnis with serious theological implications on the topic of successorship. The Shi’as believe that the successor … Read more