Month: September 2022

Analyzing the Disparagement of Unorthodox Scholars (Part 2)

Translated by Sayyid Burair Abbas Edited and annotated by Muhammad Jaffer As a continuation of the previous discussion regarding the delegitimization of non-orthodox Shī’ah scholars, we have translated the following Q&A found in the writings of Shaykh Ḥaydar Ḥubbullāh. For the sake of clarity, we have added some explanatory footnotes of our own to highlight … Read more

The Phenomenon of Scholarly Epithets

Question: What is your opinion regarding scholarly epithets such as ‘Ayatullah’ or ‘Ayatullah al-ʿUẓma’? Originally written in Arabic by Shaykh Dr. Haider Hobbollah Translated by Salim Salhab The response: A study of the phenomenon of the scholarly epithets in the religious institution for Muslims can be conducted from a number of angles, the most apparent … Read more

Analyzing the Disparagement of Unorthodox Scholars (Part 1)

Translated by Muhammad Jaffer and edited by Sayyid Burair Abbas   Unfortunately, a trend that has been becoming increasingly prevalent within the English-speaking Shī’ah community has been the character assassination of unorthodox scholars. While establishing a healthy environment of critique is important, we ought to abstain from employing ad hominem and personal disparagement. Attempts to … Read more