Month: January 2023

A Study of Matn Criticism Amongst the Imamiyyah

Originally written in Arabic by Shaykh Dr. Haider Hobbollah, to read the original click here. Translated by Salim Salhab  From the very first centuries, the Shīʿī Imāmī Ḥadīth movement engaged in Matn criticism, with a primary focus on doctrinal and historical literature, and less so with regards to the milieu of narrations and traditions belonging to … Read more

Lady Narjis: A New Reading of Her Identity

The famous scholar, Sheikh Ahmed Salman, recently authored a fascinating book entitled ‘Sayyidat al-imā’ – Qirā’tun jadīdatun fi huwīyatihā wa sīratihā’ (The leader of the slave-women – a new reading of her identity and biography). The piece is a biography of Lady Narjis (a), the mother of the 12th Imam (ATFS), who initially came into … Read more

2. Engaging with the Prophetic Seerah | The Dictations

  In this episode of The Dictations we discuss the importance of the Prophetic Seerah, the need to study the different dimensions of the Prophet (p), incorporating the Seerah in the Islamic Studies curriculum, and conducting thematic analysis on the Seerah. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Iqra Online channel for video updates! Video Timestamps … Read more