Month: March 2023

Theology for Muslim Educators – Lesson 2

This is an abridged transcript of the second lesson on Theology for Muslim Educators. If you are interested in watching the recordings of this lecture series, please visit the course page for more details (or alternatively, email [email protected] to request access to the course). Recap of Lesson 1 In summary, we discussed how knowledge was … Read more

The Banu Hashim’s Share in Khums

By Shaykh Haider Hobbollah Translated by Faisal H and Sayyid Burair Abbas What is well-known, rather which may even be a consensus among the Imami Shiites – in contrast to the majority of Muslim jurists, and Ibn al-Junayd al-Iskafi (d. 4th century Hijri) from the Imamiyyah – is that the share of orphans, the needy … Read more

Walad al-Zina (Child Born Out of Wedlock) in Imami Law

By Shaykh Haider Hobbollah The question of an illegitimate child (al-ibn ghayr al-shar’ī) or a child born out of illicit relations (walad al-zinā) is one of the major points of contention between Islamic jurisprudence (al-fiqh) and contemporary understandings of individual, family, and community rights. In general, Islamic jurisconsults (except for a late movement that has … Read more