A Detailed Analysis of Ayah al-Tabligh

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By Muhammad Jaffer and Sayyid Burair Abbas

Ayah al-Tablīgh has long been argued for the declaration of the Wilayah of Imam Ali (a) at Ghadīr. It is one of the most contentious verses between Shi’as and Sunnis with serious theological implications on the topic of successorship. The Shi’as believe that the successor to the Holy Prophet(s) is designated by Allah (swt) and that this verse [Ayah al-Tablīgh] establishes the definitive proof for it. Meanwhile the Sunnis disagree and they raise many contentions against this thesis.
In the below paper, the writers tried to discuss this verse under the following 4 sections:
1. The Mafhūm and Misdāq of this verse
2. The Shi’ah and Sunni Riwayāt
3. Common Contentions
4. Appendices (discussing Ayah Ikmāl al-Dīn and other Contentions).  
The readers are humbly requested to read the paper in full so as to understand the issue of Wilayah in the context of this verse comprehensively.

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