Month: December 2022

1. The Amali Genre | The Dictations

Join us on Iqra Online’s first video of The Dictations. In this episode, we discuss what were al-Amali works that were produced by Muslim scholars, particularly between the 3rd the 6th century hijri. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Iqra Online channel for video updates! Video Timestamps 0:00 Intro to this series3:55 Analysis of Verse … Read more

Martyrdom of Sayyidah Fatimah (s): An Ideological Belief?

Some scholars say that the story of Sulaymān and his death, which Allah  has eternalized in the Holy Qur’ān, does not have a doctrinal dimension, while the story of the martyrdom of Sayyidah al–Zahrāa has a doctrinal domain, which is the attainment of the infallible to the status of martyrdom. Similarly, it is believed that … Read more

Women in the Holy Prophet’s Life: An Analysis

Below we have translated an excerpt from an excellent work by Shaykh Ḥusayn al-Khechin entitled “Al-Mar’ah fī al-Naṣṣ al-Dīnī: Qirā’ah Naqdiyyah fī Riwāyāt Dhamm al-Mar’ah” (Women in Religious Literature: A Critical Reading of the Narrations Rebuking Women). In this book, the author seeks to critically analyze the various ḥadīth reported from the Holy Prophet (saw) … Read more

Principle of Human Sacredness (Hurmah) & Nobility (Karamah)

These are edited transcripts of khārij lessons given between December 15th 2018 to December 29th 2018, on the topic of Citizenship Law and Religious Minorities by Shaykh Haider Hobbollah. In the context of religious minorities living under an Islamic government, there are various jurisprudential principles that can be cited to manage the rights of such … Read more

Interview with Ghulam Reza Fayyazi | Theologian or Philosopher? | Critique of Sadrian Philosophy | Philosophy and Religious Texts

Below is an interview conducted by Hadi Al Lawati on his show Hira (حَيْرَة) with contemporary Iranian philosopher Ustad Ghulam Reza Fayyazi. Some of the opinions and works of Ustad Fayyazi have been published on Iqra Online in the past such as: The English translations of the first few transcripts of his explanation of Bidāyah … Read more

New Book Launch: A Memorandum on Intersectarian Harmony in Islam

Purchase Here We are happy to announce the release of the translation of Shaykh Haider’s book Risalah Salam Madhhabi – A Memorandum on Intersectarian Harmony in Islam. This book is an open memorandum to all the Muslims of the world, whether Shīʿa, Sunni, Ibāḍi, Ṣūfi, etc. It is a memorandum of love and affection, of brotherhood … Read more

Does the Maqasid-Based Framework for Ijtihad Result in Secularism?

This is a transcript of lesson 103, March 3rd, 2020 from Shaykh Haider Hobollah’s classes on legal theory. Maqāṣid-Based Ijtihād and Secularism There is a major critique that says Maqāṣid-based ijtihād results in secularism, since all you are left with are these higher vague principles, and everything else becomes a mere medium to reach those … Read more

Four Idols of the Mind

In our lives, we encounter people who no matter what you say to them, will interpret you through their own minds. You will say one thing, but they will understand another thing from your words. Why? Because their minds are not clean or purified. If their minds were pure, they would understand the speaker in … Read more