Fearlessness of Ayatullah Khomeini

Translated from the book A Drop from the Sea, Volume 2 – Page 675-676, by Ayatullah Shubeyri Zanjani.

Ayatullah Sheikh Muhammad Hussain Bahari Hamedani said: Aqa Haaj Sheikh Abdul Kareem held a majlis and there were women present in that gathering as well. Two young boys were giving out tea in that congregation, one was Aqa Ruhullah (Imam Khomeini) and the other was Aqa Rehanullah (Najafi Gulpaygani).

During that time, the khudama of Mutawalli Bashi had power in Qom and had taken over the rooms of Madrassah Daar ul-Shifa. Aqa Haaj Sheikh gracefully and slowly tried to get them to leave, but Aqa Khomeini was more aggressive in trying to get them to leave and got them out of Daar ul-Shifa. Aqa Bahari says: Aqa Khomeini facing the khudama of Mutawalli Bashi – who had authority in Qom – in that young age, and forcing them out of Madrassah Daar ul-Shifa, was not any less than overthrowing the Shah during his time as a Marja and an authority.

I (Ayatullah Zanjani) heard that one of the khudama of Mutawalli Bashi – who was popular and a pehlwaan with a strong physique [1] – behaved rudely with Haaj Sheikh Abdul Kareem. Aqa Khomeini slapped his face. That pehlwaan grabbed Aqa Khomeini and was about to hit him, when the students came to the help of Aqa Khomeini and set him free.

(June, 8th – 2008)

The Strength of His Arms

The deceased Haaj Aqa Murtadha Haieri was a friend of Aqa Khomeini, and once they were both travelling to Tus. On the way to Tus, they saw a large tower which was probably built during the time of Haroon al-Rasheed. Some of the youth were busy competing with each other, trying to see who could hit the tip of the tower with a stone and all of them could only throw it as high as the tower was. Aqa Khomeini also joined in and picked up a stone. When he threw it, the stone ended up flying over the tower!

(Spring 2008)

[1] I (Shubeyri Zanjani) have seen that pehlwaan my self. He had a very strong and intimidating physique.

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